Resources for Parents

Should I burp my baby after feeding?

Burping your baby helps to remove swallowed air. Hold the baby upright over your shoulder and gently rub and pat the baby's back. You can also try to burp the baby while he is in a sitting position in your lap. Try to burp the baby after each one to two ounces of formula or when you change breasts, and after feeding is completed. Don't try to force a burp. Babies tend to swallow less air with a "bag bottle" such as Playtex Nurser or when nursing, so they will not burp as much. Do not be alarmed if the baby spits up slightly with burping.

After feeding, it is best to keep the baby upright for about 20 minutes either in your arms or a slant seat with a straight back. This helps to minimize spitting up. Do not use an infant carrier for this since the baby tends to "curl up" and this actually puts more pressure on the stomach. If there is excessive spitting up after feedings, call us.